The following are some of our most often asked questions. Please review and feel free to contact us with any other questions you might have.

How does Camp Topeinu differ from other camps?

Camp Topeinu is large enough to offer a variety of activities to delight every child, yet small enough to provide a warm, loving program in which each and every child is respected, applauded and honored. Our counselors are all teachers who bring their expertise in early childhood and elementary education to camp each day. The daily schedule consists of a {variety of camp activities} including arts and crafts, baking, music, outdoor play along with many of our signature activities including Super Soccer Stars, Yoga, Dube Zone, Puppet Mania and Explore!

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How many children and staff members in each group?

At Camp Topeinu we pride ourselves on small group sizes to ensure that each child shines.

In our Toddler group there are approximately 8 campers with one counselor and two junior counselors. In our Threes, Fours, and Five groups, there are approximately 15 campers with one counselor and two junior counselors. Additionally, some of our groups may be led by two co-counselors who work together with a junior counselor. In our Troup group, there are approximately 17 campers with a counselor and one junior counselor or two co-counselors. We have additional staff members who join groups for various activities throughout the day.

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Do you provide Lunch? Snacks? Drinks?

A healthy, hot lunch is provided from a local catering company. We provide a variety of child friendly meals along with vegetables, whole wheat bread, pasta, tuna, jelly and egg salad as substitute options. A meat lunch is served once a week and Fridays are Pizza day. Parents will receive a menu at the Parent Orientation.

Snacks are served both in the morning and before dismissal. A fruit snack is served each day along with a variety of children’s summer favorites- chocolate pudding, cookies and milk or ices.

Water is offered to children throughout the day. Counselors take water to each outdoor activity and are careful to make sure each camper is drinking throughout the day. Water is served at lunch along with milk on dairy days.

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How should my child dress? What should my child bring to camp each day?

Children should wear sneakers, so that they can climb, jump, and run safely! Parents are encouraged to have children wear their bathing suits to camp each day. This keeps the day moving and maximizes the fun at camp! A towel, labeled with your child’s name should be brought in each day. All of this can be sent in a backpack, labeled with your child’s name. Sunscreen and a change of clothing can be left in your child’s cubby. If you child isn’t yet toilet trained, we request two changes of clothes and of course, diapers and wipes.

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Will I know my child’s daily schedule?

At our Parent Orientation, you will receive your child’s schedule of activities and a group list with the names and phone numbers of all the campers in your child’s group. Your child’s weekly schedule will show the times of activities for each day. Each activity is approximately 35 minutes long. Some take place outside while others are indoor activities to provide respite from the summer heat. Yes, our building is fully air-conditioned.

In addition, at the Parent Orientation you will be able to view the camp calendar of special events, understand the variety of activities, and receive the information as to the logistics of arrival and dismissal.

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How are bunks created?

We divide the campers into groups based on the grade the camper will be entering in the fall. Children are grouped with boys and girls together.

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Can I request that my child is in a group with friends?

If there is a need for additional groups of the same grade level, we will send an email in the spring requesting the names of three friends. Although we do our best to try and accommodate all group requests, we cannot guarantee every request. We do guarantee that at least one of your three group requests will be met.

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Does the camp provide transportation?

The camp provides van transportation from Riverdale and the East Side. The vans are all part of the TL C transportation system. The drivers are friendly, courteous and responsible. There is an additional fee for this service.

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Where are all of the registration policies and deadlines?

The {camp contract} details the registration policies and deadline. We do not have a registration deadline, however, campers are accepted on a first come, first serve basis and in the past we have had to turn campers away beginning early spring. So don’t wait too long.

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I heard about your “Bring A Friend (or sibling) program. How does it work and what is the cost?

If you register for Camp Topeinu and either you or your friend has never attended Camp Topeinu in the past, then you each pay $2600 for the entire summer (which includes everything except tips)! If you are signing up with two siblings, you are entitled to this great deal as well.

Please note: The “Bring A Friend (or sibling)” promotion is not available for the Tots or Troop divisions. However, the discounted price will apply to the camper registered in our main division program. We will not be able accept duplicate names- sorry!
All prices includes everything except for tips (suggested tip letter will be sent out at the end of each session).

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I have a child who is turning 2, do you have a program for them?

Yes! Topeinu Tots is the perfect program for them. The program is designed to help our youngest campers separate from their parents in a safe and nurturing environment and to foster independence and social skills. All of the activities are designed to meet the developmental skills of two year olds including Super Soccer Stars, music, art, and baking.

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Does my child need to be toilet trained to attend your program?

No! We are a day camp that specializes in early childhood programming and we fully understand that children toilet train when they are ready. We work with your family in helping the process along once you have begun training your child at home. If your child is still in diapers, we will change him / her as necessary throughout the day. However, please be sure to send the appropriate supply of diapers and wipes.

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How often will my child go swimming?

Every child in Camp Topeinu will get wet every day. Our toddler group will swim in toddler blow-up pools. Our Three year old groups will go in “kiddie pools” or sprinklers right on our large front yard. Our Four and Five year olds will go to the “Take Me to the Water” instructional swim program two times a week. The other days, they will enjoy “kiddie pools” or sprinklers on our large front lawn or in the park. Our troop division will enjoy learning how to swim three times a week at “Take Me to the Water” and the other two days the campers will enjoy sprinkler fun on our front lawn or at a nearby park.

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What is security like in the camp?

Camp Topeinu takes security and safety of all children very seriously. We have two full time, trained security guards who monitors the only entrance/exit door and perimeter of the building. All visitors are screened and must sign in and out. We have a strict dismissal policy that only allows the campers to be released to people directly authorized by the campers parents. Any parent wanting to pick-up a child from camp before the dismissal time must sign their camper out of camp. In addition, we have surveillance cameras throughout the inside and outside of our building.

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Can you tell me about Topeinu Troop?

Topeinu Troop is a program for boys and girls entering 1st grade in the fall. They follow the model of our main division; however, in addition to our many exciting activities currently being offered, we have added the following activities exclusively for our Troop division: Elf tennis, NYC Chess Kids, an extra weekly activity of “Take Me to the Water” (making it 3x per week), and two “Out” trips per summer.

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